So I absolutely loved it!!! Can't wait to read the second book in this series!! Milano and Veronica just captured your attention and there were times I wanted to throttle both of them, like I was right there. I would definitely recommend this book! I was so irritated with mood swings and how they would randomly fly off the handle but I couldn't stop reading!! Fantastic job!

Dalila Fuentes

I usually tend to stay away from short stories because they leave me wanting more and not many authors can successfully satiate that need as a reader for me. Fortunately, the author makes these characters go through everyday endeavors in sexacapades and wild acts that many not dare try. The author will leave you breathless, excited, and frustrated all in one piece when it comes to these short erotica’s. I highly recommend reading these short stories; if you have a love one and you guys need ideas to spice things up in the bedroom. Then these stories will sure give that inspiration you’ve been craving for!


This book was really surprising. I get used to read mafia books that show the crimes and blood only, this book was quite different from mafia books that I read. I remembered Godfather, reading Club Drunken Cherry, but Olga showed the ordinary mafia story from other focus. It was hot in some ways and too twisted. I liked how Olga represented the main villain of this story - Mr. Grave who was a total bastard towards his son and wife. The real mafioso. Kyle and Violet relationships were so passionate and unpredictable. Great story. I would love to read the continuation. Thank you.

Ana Elena Pîrvu

If you are looking for a book that has action, drama, a little bit of a thriller and let's not forget about the hot steamy romance then you have to give Club "Drunken Cherry" a try. When I started reading I couldn't let the book down. It was like I was there with the characters feeling all they were feeling and experiencing all they were going through. I fall in love with the plot, with the story, with the characters and their words because the author has succeeded in making me feel the meaning of the words. This is a story that makes you believe in true love. Makes you believe good is always going to succeed against evil.